Sunday, 23 October 2016

Autumnal Bedroom Touches

As the nights are drawing darker and colder, more time is spent under cosy blankets in your bedroom watching movies and eating mounds of chocolate. So it only seems fitting at this time of the year to add a few autumnal touches to your bedroom to make it that tad bit cozier. So i thought that i would share with you what i have done to make my bedroom as snug as a bug. 

My bedding is made for someone who is probably about half my age but i love it! It is warm, cosy and has cute animals on it! What more could you ask for in a set of bedding?

 I was born a natural hibernator who burrows under blankets so it is only natural that i have several (by several i mean a lengthy collection) of blankets dotted around my bedroom to grab at any moment in time.

I am one of those complete weirdos that you see crouching on the floor collecting all sorts of weird and wonderful things that have dropped from the trees. These include golden leaves, prickly pine cones and acorns and conkers that i scatter throughout my room!

Not only do candles make your room smell like autumn but they also make it have a warm glow that just makes you want to curl up and fall asleep so they are definitely essential to make your room more autumnal!

With the darker nights closing in, the lights are clicked on a lot sooner so i prefer to go for more softer lighting like lamps, candles and fairy lights which glitter on the walls of your bedroom. 

I hope you've enjoyed this post and ill see you soon

Friday, 26 August 2016

A Lovely Summer Day!

On Saturday the 6th August i decided to document my day through pictures and i thought that it would only be right that i shared it with you all :)

The morning started productively and rather tastily with a round of cheese on toast accompanied with a puddle of tomato sauce and a fox mug filled to the brim of  good old tea! We spent the day enjoying the sun, walking the fluff ball of a dog, eating ice-cream and picking strawberries! And here is what it looked like...

 Let me know one of your favorite days in summer has been, I would love to read them all!

See you soooon!

Monday, 6 June 2016

Our new puppy!


The little bear you see above is Rupert (expertly named by moi as he looks extremely like Rupert the Bear). We got him very spontaneously on the 15th of May and I've had a furry little chewbacca nibbling my toes ever since. He is a gorgeous yet very cheeky cockapoo (he must take after me) and we love him a whole lot, even if he does steal all of my socks and fall asleep on my head. :) His favorite toy is Cedric the crocodile and he sleeps pretty much everywhere but his personal favorite is on your feet when you are trying to cook in the kitchen.

This was a little introduction to Rupert the bear and I am sure that the little gremlin will feature in many more blog posts to come!

See you soon!

Saturday, 30 April 2016

I am the procrastination Queen!

Bonjour Friendlings!

Unfortunately i have some rather big exams coming up soon that, let me tell you, i am not looking forward to. At ALL! One of the main reasons is that am rubbish at revision!

 I am (in the most honest way possible) completely and truly rubbish at revising! No matter how colorful the papers are and how sparkly the pens are, i am rubbish at siting down and revising. When i do manage to sit down and i'm in the mood to do a wee bit of revision, my mind goes blank, my stomach starts to rubble, my cat suddenly wants to claw my feet and my phone starts to cry for me. Me and revision are like socks and sandals, just not compatible!

 I have watched all of the revision tutorials, read all of the revision tips and yet still can not get motivated. I am, however, amazing at procrastinating (which basically means putting things off until a later time, which for me, is usually never). 

So i have concluded that i suck at revision but rock at procrastination! From now on i am the procrastination Queen and nobody can  take that title away from me.