Saturday, 30 April 2016

I am the procrastination Queen!

Bonjour Friendlings!

Unfortunately i have some rather big exams coming up soon that, let me tell you, i am not looking forward to. At ALL! One of the main reasons is that am rubbish at revision!

 I am (in the most honest way possible) completely and truly rubbish at revising! No matter how colorful the papers are and how sparkly the pens are, i am rubbish at siting down and revising. When i do manage to sit down and i'm in the mood to do a wee bit of revision, my mind goes blank, my stomach starts to rubble, my cat suddenly wants to claw my feet and my phone starts to cry for me. Me and revision are like socks and sandals, just not compatible!

 I have watched all of the revision tutorials, read all of the revision tips and yet still can not get motivated. I am, however, amazing at procrastinating (which basically means putting things off until a later time, which for me, is usually never). 

So i have concluded that i suck at revision but rock at procrastination! From now on i am the procrastination Queen and nobody can  take that title away from me.