Friday, 20 November 2015

5 Reasons Why...

5 Reasons Why...


1. In the morning you would save so much time, you could just jump out of bed and VOILA HEY PRESTO your finished!

2. Just image how comfy you would be all day, everyday! No wedgies, no tight trousers, no stretch marks, no un-comfy fabrics. It would be pure comfort heaven.

3. You would see straight away what people are like and their personality as i feel like your pj's say a lot about you. For example, i am not a saucy, silky pj's person i'm more of find the weirdest, cutest, fluffiest pajamas everr and wear them with pride.

4. There would be no worrying if your over- dressed or under-dressed everyone would just look FABULOUSEE!

5. It is easy and quick to take a comfy nap anywhere. You could be sat on the bus and feeling a wee bit sleepy and whoop, you can fall asleep comfortably. Anddd when you get back in from a hard days work, you can just dive straight into bed.

I hope you share my love for all thing pajama related and that one day we shall all wear pj's all day every day!

See you soon 

Sunday, 15 November 2015

My Autumn Pamper Night Routine

Bonjour mes amis!

As the nights are getting darker and colder it only feels appropriate to have a good old pamper evening so here is what i do on mine...

 I run a nice warm bath and pour LOTS of bubbles into it. BUBBLES! BUBBLES! MY BUBBLES! (yes i am also one of life's lovers of Finding Nemo) Anyway, i also popped a Christmas, yes i repeat Christmas, lush bath bomb in and ohh myy gowdd it smells AmaZinGgggg!

I then jump in and scrubba dub dub myself.

When i get out i dry myself off and attempt to brush my knotty maze of a hair with a spray in conditioner and it does really help!

Then i dive into some ultra fluffy cozy pajamas as they are my best friend. No joke i wear pajamas more than actual clothes, and I'm not ashamed :)

I then plait my hair and put a face mask on. The one i am using at the moment is the lush cupcake face-mask and i lerveee it. It leaves you smelling like chocolate but does also make you look like you've pooed on your face :)

While i let that sink in i moisturize my legs with the Jack Wills moisturizer and have a little boogey. I have especially being loving booogeyying to the new Adele song.

I then wash my face-mask off so i don't look like a big pile of poo anymore and then moisturize to have lusciousss soft skin

I like to light some candles and i loveeeee this candle from Primark as i like to say, it smells lie christmas in a jar! I then jump into bed with a fluffy blanket and watch a movie! 

 I hope you have enjoyed this slightly different blog post and i hope to see you soon 
byeeee <3

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Autumn is 'ere

Well hello thereee!

Autumn, Autumn, Autumn!

Who doesn't love a good old bit of Autumn ey?
I am definitely a jolly big fan!
Here are a few things that i love about autumn: 

Cozy nights tucked under a blanket on the sofa
 Eating lots of hot chocolates with marshmallows and cream, until you feel sick
Fluffy socks are finally acceptable to wear all day (which i'm not going to lie, didn't really stop me before)
The nights begin to draw in
Bonfire Night with friends
Crispy golden leaves on the trees
Pumpkin carving (even if it is very painful and smelly)
The fact that Christmas is on its way and the x-mas bits and bobs come into the shops
You can layer up with scarves and coats
Chocolate oranges come back into the shops
Bridget Jones, Love Actually and Miranda 
Garish, fun, festive yet rather ugly hats can be worn with pride
You can knock your friends out with conkers and blame it on the trees
Having a good old lush bath on a cold night to warm you up
Candles, candles, candles and more candles


Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Cats, Cats, Cats!

Well hello there!

As you will soon find out, I LOVE CATS!
My best friend Charlotte even calls me a crazy cat lady which (even though it is rather rude) is very true!

I have one cat called Alfie and he is well, to completely honest, a wee bit special! Yes, my cat is one of very few cats whom when he falls, he doesn't land on his paws, he plummets onto his head. Yep his head. Just let that sink in for a second. And the worrying part is, my family say that you pick your animals like yourself, which is frankly rather worrying if i'm honest!

 Fun fact: Since we have moved house, whenever Alfie gets nervous or its raining outside, he goes and does a poo in the bath. Yum! That was probably the least fun fact you've ever heard.

If someone asked me to describe Alfie in a few words, it would probably have to be a crazy ball of fluffy happiness. In fact right now was all snuggled up next to me until he did the most disgusting bawk-able fart disgusting he had to move and is now laid on my feet.

One thing i do feel ever so sorry for Alfie is that i love to call him every name under the sun except his real name. For example a couple of my favorites are: Alpha Palpha, Pumpkin pie and Fluff Blossom. I feel very sorry for my future kids.

This has been a rather weird and random blog post so i apologize however lets face it, my blog will never be ordinary. But i love it!

See you soon.

Byee <33

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

School Face-Palm Moments- Week 2

Well hello there!
We've only been back at school for 2 weeks and (not to many peoples surprise) iv'e already had several face-palm moments and here are a few of them:

1. It was the very first lesson and i went to class as usual and sat in there until the end of lesson, only to find out i was in the completely wrong class doing the completely wrong lesson. I didn't tell anyone and just sneaked out at the end! Whooops :)

2. When i get nervous for some weird reason my ears decide to not work so i end up saying "Pardon, Pardon" about a billion times.

3. I followed some girls who i thought were in my P.E lesson into the sports hall, it turns out they weren't so i just looked like a complete stalker!

4. I got lost. Several times.

Even though i have had a rather lot of awkward face-palm moments in the last couple of weeks, school hasn't been tooo bad, well i mean it has exactly be supperbb but it was a lot better than i expected. And remember if your first couple of weeks weren't how you wanted them to be, then don't worry, it will get better by every week as you become familiar with your lessons and get to make new friends! :)

See you soon

Friday, 11 September 2015

Welcome to my Wonderful Life!

Well hello there!

Welcome to my weird chaotic blog. I honestly cant promise it will be much or that anyone will actually read it, but it is what i love and enjoy

I hope to upload as much as possible and make them interesting to read!

I hope you enjoy