Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Cats, Cats, Cats!

Well hello there!

As you will soon find out, I LOVE CATS!
My best friend Charlotte even calls me a crazy cat lady which (even though it is rather rude) is very true!

I have one cat called Alfie and he is well, to completely honest, a wee bit special! Yes, my cat is one of very few cats whom when he falls, he doesn't land on his paws, he plummets onto his head. Yep his head. Just let that sink in for a second. And the worrying part is, my family say that you pick your animals like yourself, which is frankly rather worrying if i'm honest!

 Fun fact: Since we have moved house, whenever Alfie gets nervous or its raining outside, he goes and does a poo in the bath. Yum! That was probably the least fun fact you've ever heard.

If someone asked me to describe Alfie in a few words, it would probably have to be a crazy ball of fluffy happiness. In fact right now was all snuggled up next to me until he did the most disgusting bawk-able fart ever.so disgusting he had to move and is now laid on my feet.

One thing i do feel ever so sorry for Alfie is that i love to call him every name under the sun except his real name. For example a couple of my favorites are: Alpha Palpha, Pumpkin pie and Fluff Blossom. I feel very sorry for my future kids.

This has been a rather weird and random blog post so i apologize however lets face it, my blog will never be ordinary. But i love it!

See you soon.

Byee <33