Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Autumn is 'ere

Well hello thereee!

Autumn, Autumn, Autumn!

Who doesn't love a good old bit of Autumn ey?
I am definitely a jolly big fan!
Here are a few things that i love about autumn: 

Cozy nights tucked under a blanket on the sofa
 Eating lots of hot chocolates with marshmallows and cream, until you feel sick
Fluffy socks are finally acceptable to wear all day (which i'm not going to lie, didn't really stop me before)
The nights begin to draw in
Bonfire Night with friends
Crispy golden leaves on the trees
Pumpkin carving (even if it is very painful and smelly)
The fact that Christmas is on its way and the x-mas bits and bobs come into the shops
You can layer up with scarves and coats
Chocolate oranges come back into the shops
Bridget Jones, Love Actually and Miranda 
Garish, fun, festive yet rather ugly hats can be worn with pride
You can knock your friends out with conkers and blame it on the trees
Having a good old lush bath on a cold night to warm you up
Candles, candles, candles and more candles