Friday, 20 November 2015

5 Reasons Why...

5 Reasons Why...


1. In the morning you would save so much time, you could just jump out of bed and VOILA HEY PRESTO your finished!

2. Just image how comfy you would be all day, everyday! No wedgies, no tight trousers, no stretch marks, no un-comfy fabrics. It would be pure comfort heaven.

3. You would see straight away what people are like and their personality as i feel like your pj's say a lot about you. For example, i am not a saucy, silky pj's person i'm more of find the weirdest, cutest, fluffiest pajamas everr and wear them with pride.

4. There would be no worrying if your over- dressed or under-dressed everyone would just look FABULOUSEE!

5. It is easy and quick to take a comfy nap anywhere. You could be sat on the bus and feeling a wee bit sleepy and whoop, you can fall asleep comfortably. Anddd when you get back in from a hard days work, you can just dive straight into bed.

I hope you share my love for all thing pajama related and that one day we shall all wear pj's all day every day!

See you soon