Sunday, 15 November 2015

My Autumn Pamper Night Routine

Bonjour mes amis!

As the nights are getting darker and colder it only feels appropriate to have a good old pamper evening so here is what i do on mine...

 I run a nice warm bath and pour LOTS of bubbles into it. BUBBLES! BUBBLES! MY BUBBLES! (yes i am also one of life's lovers of Finding Nemo) Anyway, i also popped a Christmas, yes i repeat Christmas, lush bath bomb in and ohh myy gowdd it smells AmaZinGgggg!

I then jump in and scrubba dub dub myself.

When i get out i dry myself off and attempt to brush my knotty maze of a hair with a spray in conditioner and it does really help!

Then i dive into some ultra fluffy cozy pajamas as they are my best friend. No joke i wear pajamas more than actual clothes, and I'm not ashamed :)

I then plait my hair and put a face mask on. The one i am using at the moment is the lush cupcake face-mask and i lerveee it. It leaves you smelling like chocolate but does also make you look like you've pooed on your face :)

While i let that sink in i moisturize my legs with the Jack Wills moisturizer and have a little boogey. I have especially being loving booogeyying to the new Adele song.

I then wash my face-mask off so i don't look like a big pile of poo anymore and then moisturize to have lusciousss soft skin

I like to light some candles and i loveeeee this candle from Primark as i like to say, it smells lie christmas in a jar! I then jump into bed with a fluffy blanket and watch a movie! 

 I hope you have enjoyed this slightly different blog post and i hope to see you soon 
byeeee <3